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About Dr. Kwong Lo
Dr. Kwong Lo   Dr. Kwong Lo graduated from University of Toronto in 1989 with highest overall achievement. Dr. Lo performs all facets of dentistry, but his favourites are cosmetic dentistry and prosthodontics (implants, crowns and bridges).

One of Dr. Lo's goal in patient treatment is to offer the simplest and most cost effective options. His staffs are friendly, approachable and understanding. His offices strives to provide an environment that is modern and stress free.



Christine, Dr. Lo's receptionist for more than 22 years. Very experience and friendly, Christine is always available to provide help and answer your quesions.


  Staff_02 Caren, the receptionist at our Toronto office. Very knowledgeable and always eager to help.
Staff_06 Angelica, a dental hygienist in our Hamilton offices. Fluent in English and Filipinos. Angelica has an extensive background in dentistry prior to coming to Canada.   staff_03 Sladjana, a dental hygienist working in our Hamilton offices. She always have a warm smile and caring attitude.
Staff_04 Tram, a dental hygienist in our Toronto and Hamilton offices. She was a childhood patient of Dr. Lo, now she provides dental care to Dr. Lo's patient.